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RenewPACE is a government-supported financing program from Renew Financial that provides upfront funding for home energy efficiency, renewable energy, and wind resistance improvements. Simply apply, complete your projects, and repay on your property taxes over the course of up to 25 years.

RenewPACE is a Property Assessed Clean Energy program. This innovative property-based financing was created by national energy finance leader Renew Financial in partnership with state and local governments to encourage energy efficiency whilecreating jobs.

RenewPACE is a smart solution for homeowners:
Not based on FICO score
RenewPACE financing is an assessment on your property and is not based on your FICO score, debt-to-income ratio, or personal income. There’s also no down payment required.

True Fixed Rate™ financing
When you choose RenewPACE, you’re assured an affordable fixed interest rate.

Local registered contractors
All projects financed are completed by RenewPACE Registered Contractors in your community who have been trained on our financing and meet program standards, including having proper licenses and insurance.

Find out if RenewPACE  financing is right for you

 • Property must be in a participating community  • Property must be residential  • Manufactured/mobile homes eligible if permanently
  attached to land and the property owner is paying   property taxes
 • Condominiums okay if permission received from   Home Owner’s Association (HOA)
 • No notices of default or foreclosure filed against    the property within the last 3 years
 • Property must not be an asset in any bankruptcy     proceeding
 • Property title cannot be subject to power of attorney,   easements, or subordination agreements restricting   authority of the property owner(s) to execute a   PACE assessment

Property Owners
 • Property owner(s) must be current on all property-secured   debt at the time of application
 • Current on property taxes for the prior 12 months
 • No late property tax payments during the prior 3 years (or   since the purchase if owned less than 3 years)
 • No more than one 30-day mortgage-related late payment   over the previous 12 months.
 • No bankruptcies (business or personal) in the last 2 years.  • No involuntary liens or judgments

 • Upgrades that improve energy efficiency,    renewable energy, and/or wind resistance
 • Permanently affixed new products  • Must meet minimum efficiency and/or other req


A better way to pay for your home upgrades.

Thousands of home upgrades and replacements can be financed,including:
• Heating & Cooling
• Windows & Doors
• Insulation
• Roofing
• Solar
• Storm Shutters and Doors
• Wind-Resistant Shingles
• Water Heating


Energy Efficiency

• Air Sealing

• Air-Source Heat Pump

• Applied Window Films

• Attic Fan • Attic Insulation

• Automatic Pool Covers • Boiler

• Ceiling Fan

• Central Air Conditioner

• Cool Roof – Performance

• Cool Roof – Prescriptive

• Doors

• Duct Insulation

• Duct Replacement

• Duct Sealing

• Ductless Mini-Split

• Electric Heat Pump
 Tank Water Heater

• Evaporative Cooler

• Exterior Coating

• Exterior Shade Products

• Floor Insulation (over
 unconditioned space)

• Foam Insulation (attic, roof)

• Furnace

• Gas Pool Heater

• Gas Storage Tank  Water Heater

• Gas Tankless Water Heater

• Geothermal Heat Pump

• Heating and Air Conditioning Package Unit

• Hot Water Tank Insulation

• Indoor Lighting Fixtures

• Insulated Siding

• Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

• Pellet Stove or Insert

• Pipe Insulation (hot water)

• Pool Pump and Motor

• Programmable Thermostat  Control

• Radiant Barrier

• Radiant Heating (floor, wall, ceiling)

• Skylights and Tubular  Daylighting Devices

• Ventilating Fans

• Wall Insulation

• Water Heat Recovery

• Whole House Fan

• Windows

Renewable Energy

 • Advanced Energy  Storage Systems
• Electric Vehicle  Charging Station
• Small Wind Turbines

• Solar Inverters

• Solar Panels

• Solar Pool Heating

• Solar Water Heating

Wind Resistance

• Gable-End Bracing
• Roof Deck Attachment  Strengthening
• Roof-to-Wall Connection  Reinforcement
• Secondary Water Barrier

• Storm Door

• Storm Shutter

• Storm Window

• Wind-Resistant Shingles